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Client Onboarding Form - Hyper Growth

Personal & Company Info


What is your unique selling proposition of your product or service?
What case studies will we be referencing (if applicable)? Tell me about those. The more specific the stats, the better. 
What are your clients' most common pain points, desires, or objections?
Send me some document links like company presentation, outreach messages/emails you used before. All the docs that might be useful to me for outreach.

Email Automation Setup Details

The domains to be purchased will be similar to your main domain. For example, if your company's name is "Microsoft", the domains will be "", "". Do you approve of this?
The meeting link will be created by Leadhunter to be used in cold outreach texts. When a potential customer books a meeting, the Leadhunter team will add the relevant person from your company to the invitation.

Email data from & Linkedin

(Choose according to the package you are interested in.)
Select "Verified" in "Email Status" filter and remove "Guessed"
Make sure you copy a valid Apollo search URL that starts with


Linkedin URL should be max. "2.5K results" for each request. (Valid for normal search link. If you are using Sales Nav. search, please share Sales Nav. search page photo below)

Linkedin Data

Linkedin Search URL (It may be the same link as the link you shared above. The above section is for emails to be enriched from LinkedIn for email automation but this necessary for LinkedIn automation.)

Linkedin Automation Setup Details

Share the account login information for whose account you want automation installed.

AI Chatbot Setup Details

Share some documents here like presentation, pdf etc. links for AI learning.
Email addresses of the accounts to be used

Where did you hear about us?

Important Note:
We will send you the payment link first, and after you pay, we'll start processing and you will be invited to the client panel.
Enrichment includes verification at no extra charge, so all emails that are found are either valid or catchalls.