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Penner Mini Farms // Goat Milk Waitlist

Thank you SO MUCH for reaching out about our Goat Milk!

As a small farm, we seasonally have farm fresh goat milk available based on our breeding schedule.
Our current plan is to let our does raise their kids on milk until weaning (which is approximately 10-12 weeks of age) and at that point we will start milking our does in order to have raw goat milk available to our customers.
At this point in time, we are expecting little hooves on the ground 🐐 in late April/May, so we should tentatively have goat milk available for purchase as early as May/June 2024.

Goat Milk Pricing

$8 Half Gallon
$12 Gallon

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Please Note: State law requires that raw goats milk MUST be picked up at the farm so deliveries are not available. Our farm is located north of W Denton Road, between SW 40th and SW 56th street. (approx 8 minutes from WarHorse Casino)


Do you pasteurize your goat milk?

No, we do not pasteurize. We offer raw goats milk for our customers.

How long is raw goats milk good?

We've found that as long as you keep your milk cold, it can last from 7-10 days without issue

What do you package your goat milk in?

We are currently testing some food grade plastic beverage bags, but we also offer BYO glass jars if you'd prefer.

Do you make Goat Milk Soaps with your raw milk?

Yes, we sure do! Check out our Goat Milk Soap page for more info.

Do you deliver?

No, unfortunately delivery is not an option per milk regulations in Nebraska 2-3969(3). The sales of raw milk are legal if sold directly from the farm to the consumer.