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Book a Coaching Session with Russell

Friend, welcome to my coaching page.
I work one-on-one with business and non-profit leaders to help them navigate the rocky waters of change in life and work. Mostly, I help them become -- and be -- the person they were meant to be.
I offer these calls for free up front, and they are "pay what you want" on the back end. After our call, I will send you an email with some ways you can reciprocate the value you received.
The market price for these calls is $150/hour, but it's entirely up to you. People have paid anywhere from $40 to $450, while others have bartered their own services or products in return. And if you feel I haven't served you well, you're under no obligation to pay anything.
Sound good? Please fill out the form below. That helps us both get organized for our time together. Once you hit Submit, you'll be redirected to my scheduling page.
I can't wait! Talk with you soon!
-- Russell

Thank you! I can't wait for our conversation!