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Your entrepreneurial potential

Answer these 20+ questions and Elona Musk, the AI role model for female entrepreneurs will give you her opinion on your potential as an entrepreneur. This tool is in beta and we are constantly improving it by adjusting the questions and the evaluation process. We put years of research and startup experience into all of our tools, and all you need is 10-20 minutes of your time to make the first step towards building a startup.
This test is by no means supposed to discourage you from getting into startups but to make you look deeper into yourself at this point in your life. We strongly believe that startup skills can be taught (you can do it in Startup School or Startup Game) and the startup mindset may be acquired if you really feel like you are ready to test yourself. Ready to get an understanding of what your Point A is? Truthfully answer all the questions and let us guide you further.

BETA tool | 10-20 mins | 21 questions