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LinkedIn Reach Calculator

How many customer-facing employees do you have?

SDRs, AEs, Customer Success, Marketing
The average Sales or CS employee is connected to 500 relevant buyers on LinkedIn.

How many LinkedIn posts did your content team create last month?

A rough estimate is fine

is the number of relevant monthly impressions you could drive if employees liked and commented on every LinkedIn post


is how many dollars you would spend on LinkedIn ads to get in front of the same audience size assuming a CPM of $7 per 1000 impressions. Also, ads convert worse than organic content from real people on your team.

What's your ACV?

Let's assume a 5% CTR (4% is good on ads and organic does better), 10% click to lead conversion, 3% lead to opportunity, and 13% close rate. (source)


in new bookings closed every month is what you could achieve if your sales team actively distributed content on LinkedIn.

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