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CMQ Investing: Book Giveaway

Do you listen to CMQ Investing on Apple Podcasts? The podcast is gaining more listeners each week, and your written review will help us go to the next level.
"Incentives are superpowers." -Charlie Munger
If you leave a written review and provide the required info below, you will be entered to win a copy of Poor Charlie's Almanack ($64). The book is full of Charlie Munger's wisdom, and it looks awesome on a coffee table. I will randomly select the winner during an IG Live next week and then notify the winner personally.

How To Enter The Contest

1. Go to our page on Apple Podcasts.
2. Leave an honest, written review. What makes CMQ Investing special? Why do you like it most? How has the content been useful to you?
3. When your review is published, take a screenshot.
4. Come back here & enter your name + email.
5. Upload the screenshot of your published review.
6. Hit submit.
NOTE: Must be US-based due to shipping constraints. 🇺🇸
Spotify doesn't have written reviews, yet. When they do, I will do another giveaway so we give everyone a chance to win.



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