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Student projects outside EPFL via UNFoLD

You know the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side? We actually would like to welcome more of you in the lab for a master's thesis. We have many interesting research topics and during a master's thesis, you will get a full experience of what it means to do research. Even if you are not interested in an academic career, a master's thesis in the lab is a unique opportunity to put in practice what you have learned, participate in novel research, use state-of-art equipment and tools, and still have the freedom to follow your own curiosity one more time.
During a semester project, we try to give you sneak peek of what happens in a lab, but as a master's thesis student, you become a real member of the lab and you get the full experience. 

If you did not realise that we actually prefer to have you directly in our labs for your master's thesis, and you want to take the opportunity, please fill out this form instead.
If you are appreciate the attempt to try to recruit you for a thesis in our lab, but you really want to leave Lausanne to conduct your master's thesis, but you still want to do it in a subject related to unsteady fluid mechanics or aerodynamics, please continue to read.
We have many contacts with professors of labs around the world. These can be people we are currently collaborating with, have collaborated with in the past, or just met at a conference or workshop. We are in general happy to use our network to help you, but please note that we can put in a better word for you when we have interacted before and know you a little.
Please fill out this form to give us more information about you, your background, and motivation for conducting a project outside EPFL but officially supervised by Prof. Mulleners. Please understand that your submission of the form does not imply that we will arrange a master's thesis opportunity outside of EPFL, nor that we agree to supervise your thesis outside of EPFL.
Please give me time to process your information. If you have not heard back within 2 weeks, feel free to remind me by email.
Best regards,
Prof. Mulleners

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Master projects (PDM) can start between January 1 and May 31 (Spring semester) or between June 1 and December 31 (Fall semester). They should start on a Monday.

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