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Apply for free landing page copy

Most AI copywriting sucks.

My name is Stuart and I’ve generated thousands of dollars in revenue for both clients and my own brands (Morada, Maka).

I'd normally charge a lot of $$$ for writing landing pages but I can't charge for this experiment so I need your help.

Here’s what I want to do for a handful of people (probably only 3 people max):

You tell me about your offer and I use that data in an AI model to write landing page copy.

I’ll then go through the whole thing manually to improve it (e.g. to a professional human level).

By seeing the difference between what the AI writes and what I write instead, I can improve the model and make something that’s way better than all the other AI tools.
And you get the copy that I write (with some A/B test copy).
If you’d like free landing page copy (professionally researched, written and optimized to get sales), tell me what you're selling using the form below and if it's a good fit for this experiment, I'll be in touch.
(if not then I'll send you a very considerate thank you message because I really appreciate your help)



Quick summary of what you sell