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Project Proposals

Interested in working with DIA Design Guild apprentices? Please provide the following information so that we can be better prepared.

Types of projects we tend to consider
- social media management
- survey design and analysis
- newsletter content creation and design
- website or app design
Depending on availability, we can help with research, content strategy, design, and usability.

To help us prepare for your call, we have a few questions about your organization, your audience, and what support you're looking for.

About you

Full name

Email address

Job Title or Role

Organization name

Existing website

About the organization

What does your business or organization do?

Tell us about your business or organization. What is your vision or mission?

Who is your target audience?

Tell us about your primary users or customers. What do you know or assume about them and what they are looking for in your product or service?

About the project

How can we help?

Tell us about the project, product, or service you are looking for support on. Please provide links to websites, social media profiles, or other materials as appropriate. Elaborate on what kind of help you are seeking.

What's the goal of the project?

What does your organization hope to achieve from this project? Are there any desired outcomes or deliverables?

What's your timeline?

What is your expected or desired timeline for this project?

Have additional materials?

Please share any additional documents such as RFPs, project briefs, etc. that you think may be helpful for us to know. The more information you provide, the better we can assess whether and how we can help.
A copy of this message will also be sent to the email address provided .