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Friendly Captcha Application Form

Software Engineer (4 or 5 days per week)
At Friendly Captcha we're looking for a versatile software engineer to join our team. There is a lot of opportunity for ownership on the backend, devops, integration, and data engineering side.
We are a bootstrapped, mostly-remote, and profitable company (founded 2020) with an engineering team of around 3 people (mix of part-time and full-time). We're looking to grow that by one or two more software engineers this year.
We're looking to grow the engineering team by one or two new team members this year.
In a nutshell
- Friendly Captcha protects websites from abuse and spam without being harmful to users.
- Our engineering team is remote across Europe, the company has an office in Munich, Germany.
- We meet up with the entire team three times per year, of those two are offsites where we meet together in some European city, the other time we all meet in our Munich HQ.
- We aim for sustainability, with a healthy work-life balance. We believe that creative and talented individuals are self-organizing - you get the freedom to shape your work and time how you work best.
- Some key technologies in our stack are Go, Typescript, Postgres, Redis, Clickhouse, Terraform, and OpenTelemetry. We see engineering as a way to build a great product, not as a goal in itself.
- Knowledge of browser APIs is useful in this job. We expect you to already be productive in Go.
- Unique in our infrastructure is that we offer an entirely EU-owned stack (so no AWS here). This is a big selling point for governments and EU companies.
- Roles grow and evolve, especially in young companies. We look for those who enjoy learning new things and are not afraid to take ownership as they grow with the company.
- You can work 4 or 5 days per week.
- You must be domiciled in the EU or EEA to be considered.

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