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idSign Private Round Application

idSign is a decentralized e-signature & identity protocol revolutionizing digital trust by abstracting signatures into tamper-proof, immutable records on the blockchain, and transforming KYC from a recurring hurdle into a reusable one-time process, addressing the acute needs of governments and large corporations for stringent data privacy.
⚡️Key Features:
✅ Security & Privacy: Encrypted Zero-Knowledge Decentralized Storage for all documents. Only the Parties can EVER decrypt and access the files shared for signature with no one in the middle! Powered by a Multi-Party Computation Decentralized key-management system (DKMS).
✅ Transparent & Verifiable Signatures: Get Immutable on-chain Logs (Proof-of-Signature SBT) every time a wallet signs an agreement.
✅ Reusable Identity: Get a SBT Digital Identity that is private and reusable across multiple third-party integrations. KYC with one click and sign agreements with your DID.
✅ Escrow Payments: Decentralized escrow payments linked to on-chain agreements and DIDs. Make sure you get paid every time by locking stable coins on-chain and ensuring liquidity!
✅ Blockchain Agnostic: Our protocol works with any blockchain just like NFT marketplaces! Mint your agreement eSignature and DID on your preferred Network.
✅ Web3 but with Web2 simplicity: Login with wallet OR with Gmail/Email/Apple and automatically get a non-custodial wallet in the background without paying gas fees! Switching to idSign is as easy as using any SAAS product that everyone is used to!
🏆Traction & Milestones:
✅ Growing Community: idSign is loved by millions for its unique use case and real world utility. We use blockchain as a technology to solve the problem of digital trust that cannot be solved with centralized infrastructure.
✅ Grants & Partnerships: idSign received grants from PARTISIA Blockchain, ALCHEMY, SKALE Blockchain and is a STARTUPGRIND member. And with more on the way!

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If you have any complications or questions, please get in touch with us on our official support email: [email protected]
🚨 WARNING: There are many impersonators of the idSign Team. Always ask for a Screenshot of your Form submission! If we reach out to you, then we will be sending a SCREENSHOT of your INQUIRY as a verification. We would ONLY reach out on Telegram or email.
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