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Teaching Yoga to Athletes Application

Thanks for your interest in Teaching Yoga to Athletes!

The more detail you can give me on this application, the better I'll be able to help you decide whether this training is the right next step for you. Please aim for a paragraph or more for each answer!

Contact Info

Your Name

Your Email

How Did We Connect?

How did you find me? Have you attended my free on-demand workshop on teaching yoga to athletes? Have you read any of my books?

Where You're Coming From

Are you currently teaching? If not, why not? If so, what format(s) and what student population(s)? The more detail, the better!

Movement Education

Have you taken a 200/300/500-hour yoga teacher training? If so, when and where? Do you have other relevant teaching experience or skills (for example, are you a coach, a gym teacher, a physical therapist)?

Current Pain Points

What are you struggling with in your teaching? That is, what obstacles can I help you overcome? What leads you to seek specialized training in teaching yoga to athletes?

Areas of Interest

Which sports interest you the most, and why? What is your dream gig working with athletes? Don't be shy!

Where You're Heading

What will success in this course look like for you? The more detail, the better!

Online Learning Experience

This program is an online course that includes on-demand, interactive, and live elements. Have you taken online courses before? If so, what is your experience with them?


What do you anticipate being difficult about this training? What obstacles do you expect to encounter?

Current Lesson Rate and Schedule

What are you currently charging for private lessons? What are you currently earning for classes you teach? And if you have any reaction to seeing these numbers on the screen, you're invited to share how they make you feel.

Your Website Address

Anything Else

Is there anything else you'd like me to know as I consider whether this training is a good fit for you?