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PY5 - The Future of Fintech Waitlist

IMPORTANT: If you are not a Fintech, please don't apply to this cohort.
PY5 is our fifth acceleration program but our first vertical-specific one. In this program all our efforts are targeted to Latinx-led Fintech startups.
Deal: We only take 1% and play a key initial role in shaping and de-risking your startup to take you to Angels, VCs and even other accelerators. Our alumni have later been accepted to 500, Techstars and Platanus. Think of us as the first institutional advisor you will have. We also help you raise financing and on average we've helped raise 25.900 USD per startup that joins our program. Now, with the support of our corporate partners and our
However, you can still keep-up with us here and stay tuned on our next programs.

Join PY5's waiting list, a 10-week acceleration program designed to help pre-seed Fintech companies looking to accelerate, connect, and grow their company faster. We look forward to reviewing your application.

Remember our criteria for application:

- You must be a Fintech startup founder in the ‘pre-seed’ stage.

- You must be working full-time on your startup.

- You must have an Intermediate-advanced command of English.

- Preferably, there is a team of founders, we encourage solo founders to find a co-founder.

- Preferably, within the "founding members" there is a CTO or a technical co-founder.

- Half applications will not be considered.


*Our program is planned to start on Early 2024 but might change.

*This is a Fintech-only program, no other vertical will be accepted.
*We are finalizing the confirmation of our main-sponsor, which will most likely have a say in the startups that end up entering the program.
*This is a pre-application, which means there might be more filters afterwards.

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