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Welcome to the Digital Bohemians AR Application Interest Form! 

Please provide your contact information below.

Please choose in which Exhibitions you are interested.

We will inform you soon and first about all upcoming Exhibitions!

You may enter our exhibitions with your own art, which can be a real handmade painting, digital art or also sculptures, animations and AI-Art.

The Exhibitions will take place as a locationsbased AR (augumented Reality) Exhibition, placed in the real world!!

Submitting your work is free of charge, but depending on the location there might be a one time fee for two artworks, so your spot is reserved! This fee will cover the associated expenses for the event and will go towards creating an exceptional experience for both artists and attendees alike. 

What you can expect:

1. International Visibility

2. Regional Press

3. Social Media Exposure

4. Global Audience

5. Networking Opportunities

6. Technological Art-Pioneering

7. Digital Presence on our Social Medias

8. Sales Opportunities

9. Curator and Gallery Connections

10. Interactive Visitor Experience

Please visit and follow our Instagramchannel if you have any questions

In wich Exhibition you are interested?

In wich Exhibition you are interested?