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Registration- For 1 Week For 1 2024

This Registration is for new campers or for campers with changed information!

Welcome to Mulberry summer camp registration! If you have any trouble through this process, please call or email us! 
Contact number: 905-531-4311
We are located at Manorun Farm
782 hwy 52 Lynden, Ontario, L0R1T0
Please note that this registration section is only for 1 single child for one week
Our Price is $350 for the week!
This form will take anywhere from 10min- 30min to complete. We ask for your patience with this process, as it is important to make sure we cover all of the needs of our future campers!

Please be advised that our camp ranges from age of 4-12! If your camper is under the age of 4, they must be turning 4 in the year 2024 due to Ontario regulations. If they are older than 12 please reach out for further information.

Who will you be enrolling? Please provide the following: name (first & last), date of birth, and grade your camper will be starting in 2024.

Campers First Name

Campers Last Name

Please provide birthdate of camper

What grade will your camper be starting in September 2024

What week(s) are you enrolling for the 2024 year?

What week(s) are you enrolling for the 2024 year?