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ReFi DAO Local Node Application Form

Welcome, Regens! 👋

We are hosting quarterly Local Node Gitcoin Rounds in order to find and invite one city from the Global South to join the Alpha Cohort of our ReFi DAO Local Node Incubator. 🌱

The ReFi DAO Local Node Incubator program will guide the core team through every step of deploying their own Local Node based on the design patterns of Commons Stack and the DNA of ReFi DAO. Local Nodes will collectively raise funds and design their own token economy and governance. We will support you every step of the way.

If you are representing a city from the Global North, you can still submit an application to express your interest! The official applications for the Global North will be opening later this year.

What is the process for the Local Node Prize?🔍

After your submission is reviewed by the Incubator team, you will be asked to meet with your community and co-create a Local Node canvas with key public, private and third-sector stakeholders.

We will invite the top Local Node candidates to draft a Gitcoin Beta climate round grant proposal with the full support of ReFi DAO, ReFi Spring, and Commons Stack. You will fundraise for your Local Node in the Gitcoin Beta Climate Round in April and galvanize your local community by participating in Local Node showcases on Twitter, Discord and Youtube.

We will choose a winner of the prize and enter into an agreement with the team that includes a full scope of support services in exchange for incubation and transaction fee. More details in the announcement!

 Who should apply for the Local Node Prize?

✔️ Founders who are committed to local regeneration for the long term! Think of at least 3 to 5 years.

✔️ Founders who have started a web3 or impact venture and see regeneration as central to realizing their long-term goals.

✔️ Entrepreneurs who are also community builders looking to build something while being a part of something greater.

We appreciate your interest in our program and look forward to reviewing your application. 🤩