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BasePaint Ambassadors

TL;DR: Tell BasePaint's story and get protocol rewards from artwork mints.
BasePaint Ambassadors are people who love BasePaint and can't stop talking about it with their audience. We would like to reward our Ambassadors by sharing 25-100% of the protocol fees with them.
If you get selected for the Ambassador program, we'll send you your affiliate link. You can display that link in your tweets, blog posts, newsletters, etc. When someone follows that link and mints daily artwork, you'll get a portion of the profits (the artwork price and artist reward stay the same).
At this time, we are very selective about who gets access to the program to keep the content quality very high.

Describe BasePaint to your friend in less than 50 words

What do you like about BasePaint the most?

What languages does your audience speak?

What's your ENS or wallet address?

What's your main Twitter/Farcaster/Lens account?

What's your email address?