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Join Our Ember "Dream Team"

About Ember Coffee Co.

Apply today and be part of the Ember Dream Team!
Ember Coffee Co. is a living room for Big Lake and the surrounding area. Our mission is to turn strangers into friends, serve the best coffee anywhere, and be a place that cultivates creativity and good works. We are more than a coffee shop. We're a community on mission, bringing beauty to every corner of our city. ❤️
Our team brings this to life by focusing on what’s really important around here – KINDNESS, INTEGRITY, HOSPITALITY! It’s that simple. If you’re ready to work somewhere you can be yourself while making an impact on your community, creating life-long relationships, and serving the best coffee anywhere, join our crew!
Let's get started with just a few details—this won't take long.
A note before you start though - you must be willing to work weekends. The weekends are the busiest time for us and help us make up for the slow times mid-week. (The tips are good too!) Everyone on our team pitches in to make sure our weekend hours are covered.

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