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Draw this in your Style Event

Welcome to Art Fight's very first DTIYS (draw this in your style) event!

What is a DTIYS?

DTIYS is a popular event in the art community where artists re-draw a specific drawing in their own style. The image we have selected is below, and features our 2 mascots!
All artists of any skill level and medium of choice are welcome and we are so excited to see the masterpieces you guys create!
original illustration by queijac | TH Link 1 | TH Link 2
We encourage all participants to upload their drawing on social media using the hashtag #AFmascotDTIYS for a chance to be featured on our platforms!

What do I get for entering?

We will be giving away Art Fight Premium to 5 randomly selected entries!
By entering and filling out this form, you are automatically entered into a raffle and will have a chance to win Art Fight Premium!