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Ambassador Application

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our Ambassador program!

One of the core reasons gTrade was built was to empower any user to trade with leverage while retaining full custody of their funds.

And since that time every idea, decision, and action has been in pursuit of an even broader vision:

To create the most fair, most trader-friendly leverage trading platform that is fully decentralized and fully secure.

We are excited to align our values and incentives with our early ambassadors and therefore have listed these inclusion guidelines (exceptions may apply):

1. Value alignment: 100% non shill content… no harassment or hate speech

2. ≥50% content related to trading and/or DeFi

3. Twitter:
Minimum followers: 1k
Minimum engagement: average ≥ 5 likes
Activity Level: ≥ 3 tweets/week

4. YouTube:
Minimum subscribers: 1k
Minimum engagement: average 250+ views
Activity Level: ≥ 2 video/month

If you feel you're aligned with gTrade's vision AND meet the guidelines please feel free to share the best way for us to contact you. 💪 🍏

Where can we find your profile? (Link to your Twitter, Youtube, etc)

What do you appreciate most about gTrade?

How familiar are you with using gTrade?

(Please be honest, and note that this will not affect your chance to get accepted as an Ambassador whatsoever, it's more important that you answer this question truthfully than your current knowledge about gTrade)
How familiar are you with using gTrade?

If included in the Ambassador program, how would you ideally like to share/promote gTrade with your community?

Please share anything else you feel is relevant:

How can we contact you?