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Responsible AI Survey

With this Survey, Censius aims to find your relative position in the Responsible AI journey with respect to industry leaders and AI/ML experts.
Responsible AI, or RAI, is one of the proven methods endorsed by industry leaders that enables concrete AI decisions free from biases and risks, leading to higher customer satisfaction over time.

Through this survey, find out if you are ready to:
● Build more trustworthy AI solutions ● Mitigate recurrent AI risks ● Have a competitive advantage in AI ● Maintain safety of customers ● And much more!
Most importantly, find out how responsible are your AI solutions and deployment strategies.

On average, respondents spend about 5 minutes answering this survey.
All survey participants will get a copy of the survey results before the report is released to the general public. Note that you and your organization’s identity will be completely anonymous.
* Censius, an AI Observability Platform that helps businesses continuously monitor, analyze, and explain their production models, commissioned this study.