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Welcome to our application page! 🚀

We're excited to have gathered you interest as a founding team and startup.
To qualify for our support, you need to have at least one co-founder who's currently enrolled in the university as a bachelor, master, MBA or PhD. Your startup needs to be before the pre-seed stage, but you must already have assembled a team of minimum 2+ co-founders, and an idea, or product, that received some early validation from the market. We currently support startups from all industries, except biotech and medtech.
You can fill in the form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible (generally within 1-2 weeks) with a feedback, which will either be a call with one of our Partners, or a negative decision on the basis of your answers below. You won't receive any confirmation email upon submitting the form, but rest assured that we will have received it.

Let's start with you and your founding team.

On which campus are you based?

You need to have at least one co-founder who's currently enrolled as a bachelor, master, MBA or PhD on that campus.

What is your personal information?

You will be our main touch point for your startup. Please have a co-founder who is a student from the campus as our main touch point. We only have fields for 3 co-founders below, so if you're 4+ co-founders, simply share the profiles of 3 of them.

Now, tell us more about your startup.

Your answers will be read by our Partners to determine if we should take your startup to the next stage of our selection process.

What's your startup's name?

What's your startup's website?

If you are pre-website, leave the field empty.

What does your startup do in one sentence?

Can you elaborate on the pain point and your product/solution?

Do you have any traction or validation from the market so far?

How do you view the market size of this product?

Can you say a few words about your founding team?

Do you have a deck in PDF you can share?

This would help us understand your startup. Please compress the PDF file under 10mb.

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