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DoneSquad - Application Form 📋

Thank you for showing interest in DoneSquad.

In our community, we're fiercely committed to creating impactful change and driving exceptional growth.

Our program lives and dies by the level and quality of members we allow inside.

Therefor, we seek members who are:

- Ready for challange.

- Determined for change.
- Are coachable.
- Are ready to make a dent in the Universe.

Complete the intake form to begin your journey with us.

If your ambition matches ours, expect a follow-up within 48 hours.

Let's make it happen! 🚀

Let's start with your personal details

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Let's dive a little deeper

What are your goals?

Describe your top 3 goals (personal and professional).

What are your biggest obstacles?

Describe what you perceive to be your biggest obstacles that are stopping you from achieving the goals you mentioned.

Level of commitment.

On a scale from 0-5, rate your commitment to actively participating in DoneSquad activities and community engagement. (0 being not committed, 5 being fully committed)
Level of commitment.

Readiness for change.

On a scale from 0-5, how ready are you to make significant changes in your life and habits to achieve your goals? (0 being not ready, 5 being completely ready)
Readiness for change.

Willingness to be Real.

On a scale from 0-5, rate your willingness and ability to 'hear' and 'speak' the truth. (0 being not willing/able, 5 being very willing/able)
Willingness to be Real.