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NFT LEI Certificate

The NFT Web 3.0 LEI Certificate for your entity

An NFT Web 3.0 LEI Certificate is an NFT certificate minted by LEIpapa with your entity data based on your Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). The LEI is an international standard (ISO 17442) endorsed by G20 countries.
Having an NFT LEI Certificate confirms to others globally that your company is a verified, registered entity within your country. This is because the NFT LEI Certificate is minted by LEIpapa, accessible on a decentralized Polygon network, and is verified proof of your company's legal status.
The broader benefits of proving this data globally, all in a single NFT token are immeasurable. Previously, this was done by providing your Certificate of Incorporation, or registry extract. This can now be replaced reliably online.
KYC documents such as Certificates from Companies' Registries and Articles of Incorporation are only recognized nationally, whereas the information contained in the Global LEI System is respected and trusted globally.
NFT certificates are minted by LEIpapa and stored on the LEIpapa community platform.

Did you know? You can get an NFT LEI certificate for free when registering an LEI code with LEIpapa for a 5-year term.

VAT/GST applicability will be determined during the payment processing, where you can enter and verify your business VAT number. Any appropriate VAT amount will be shown on the final invoice and available to download from your profile.

LEI code

Company Logo (square, min 1024px)