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How can small scale landlords run a business with customers do not pay for service usage? We're talking THOUSANDS of dollars in debt from unpaid rent. The sheer number of court orders from unpaid rent we have seen all of you submit is unprecedented. This is NOT OK!
If you're a tenant, there may have been times you were seeking to collect money from your Landlord (e.g. rent abatement) and left in the dark after the court order is issued.
We are just ANGRY that there is no company or government body taking this seriously. We have tried looking into several services and turned up with poor results. Let's not even go there.

Well, we are on a hunt to see what we can do with our anger.

With that, we are in discussions with the Canadian side of credit bureaus about what steps we can take to report money owed. For example, cases after a Landlord receives a Court Order for a successful L1 - Application to Evict a Tenant for Non-Payment of Rent and to Collect Rent the Tenant Owes.
In addition to reporting of arrears, we also need confirmation that it has ACTUALLY hit the credit score/records.

Hold on...

You might say:"But Openroom team, X company already does this."
Our response: No, they don't do it properly. Or, they don't do it at scale. Or, they take thousands of dollars from you promising the world but turn up with no result. Or, they forget about you. We tried it all.
As software builders, we are just not satisfied. 🚫
If you are satisfied with what's out there, then this isn't for you.

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