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Apply to the Klima Review Committee

The passing of KIP-35 ratified the formation of the Klima Review Committee (KRC), which opens participation in KlimaDAO’s governance process for qualified members of the community.
As a member of the KRC you will serve a 3-month term, working together with KlimaDAO Protocol Team contributors to:
• evaluate RFCs on the KlimaDAO Forum
progress successful RFCs to the KIP stage
• administer the latter stages of KlimaDAO’s consensus-making process.
You will be expected to join a dedicated Discord channel, take part in fortnightly and ad-hoc meetings, and act as a steward for the DAO and its resources. If you are proactive, engaged with KlimaDAO and the environmental commodity markets, and can balance strategic thinking with attention to detail, this is role is well-suited to you.
Active KRC members are compensated in $KLIMA monthly. Applicants must seek endorsement from a current KlimaDAO contributor, or an active KRC member. 
Read more about the KRC before filling out the application form below.

Tell us a bit more about yourself

Show us how you have brought value to KlimaDAO's governance

Please provide at least three demonstrations of your contributions either on the Forum or on the KlimaDAO Discord.

Show us which KIPs you have voted on

Please list the five most recent KIPs where you have voted on Snapshot.

Demonstrate proof of participation

This is not required – but providing your wallet address will enable us to authenticate that you have participated as you claim to have done, and this will make your application stronger.

Which contributor is nominating your application?