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GainForest x LabDAO Rainforest Monitoring Lab - Researcher

Welcome to the Rainforest Labs research grant application form!

This form is intended for people who would like to apply as a researcher. Looking to apply as a mentor? Click here.

If you are selected, you will receive contributor stipends of about 1-3k USD. Applications for the lab will be reviewed by community members within LabDAO and GainForest. We will encourage applicants from traditionally underrepresented communities to apply.

LabDAO and GainForest team members will guide all stipend recipients during their research journey. Recipients will receive impact certificates as POAP (Proof of Attendance). Additionally, developed machine learning models have a chance to contribute to GainForest’s $10M XPRIZE Rainforest participation.

Applications for contributors joining the lab will be simple, open and inclusive. (1) a short call and (2) a link to some previous work is all we require. We believe everyone can become a scientist.

What kind of research would I be doing?

For this grant round, we're looking for researchers primarily do any of the two types of research:
1. Compute: compute-related research of your choice, or for example: animal detection neural networks, DNA matching algorithms, time series analysis models for plant health
2. Data: data-collection of your choice, or for example: indigenous wildlife camera data collection, citizen science eDNA water collection, time series plant images / soil data collection
We've listed a few examples, but don't let these examples constrain you. The possibilities are endless.
Have a research topic interest that does not belong to any of these two groups? Feel free to propose it in your application form.

Questions? Email us directly at [email protected].

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.