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Leverage Ninja: Address Submission

Important addition:

Leveraged Restaking / Leverage Points don’t require a Ninja access anymore!
From Monday February 26, you can come in and farm freely. Just keep in mind you need to borrow min 25 ETH (protocol safety requirement). That can be 5ETH x 6 leverage or 10ETH x 4 leverage.

This will take only a minute...

To offer you onchain credit with high borrow size ($1M) while keeping the protocol as safe as possible, there is a quick screening process. This is to make sure that your address has enough collateral in the assets available on Gearbox. Simply insert your address below.

The address you submit needs to have at least $20,000 worth of USDC, USDT, DAI, WBTC, ETH, or other Allowed List assets. If you have more than $100,000 worth, you may get a few Leverage Ninja passes right away. And if you need a pass again, just use this form again.

If you want to farm with more than one address, you can add one more here:

What is a Leverage Ninja pass? - Access to farming with big size of $1M is only available to Leverage Ninjas at this stage. To open one Credit Account, you need 1 pass. If you close the CA and want to open a new one, you will need a pass again. You can simply come back to this form and submit the same or your new addresses. Easy!

These passes are represented as soulbound non-fungible tokens. Every time you open a Credit Account, your NFT pass gets burned. The main interface will prompt you to mint it once you are added to the Ninja list. New Ninjas are being added every week on Tuesdays. For now, educate yourself on the safest way to use leverage with Gearbox: 

And join Discord for any questions or ideas: