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Merkl: AMM onboarding

This form is meant to facilitate the integration of your AMM into the Merkl system. Please fill it to the best of your abilities, and let us know if anything is unclear or can be improved.
How does it work? In a few words, to be able to distribute rewards, the Merkl system needs to catch when new postions are created or deleted on an AMM pool just like it needs to be able to detect all swaps occurring on these pools. The algorithm also fetches information for all the LP positions.

What is your protocol name?

Select your AMM type:

Select your AMM type:

Specify the chain on which your AMM to be supported

If several chains, please make sure to give all info for each chain in the following sections

Paste your Factory address below

Paste the NonFungiblePositionManager (or equivalent contract to handle positions) address below:

Create a json of the following form:

{ "mainnet": { "Factory": { "address": "<ADDRESS_IN_LOWER_CASE>", "startBlock": <CONTRACT_CREATION_BLOCK> } "NonFungiblePositionManager": { "address": "<ADDRESS_IN_LOWER_CASE>", "startBlock": <CONTRACT_CREATION_BLOCK> } }, "matic": { "Factory": { "address": "<ADDRESS_IN_LOWER_CASE>", "startBlock": <CONTRACT_CREATION_BLOCK> }, "NonFungiblePositionManager": { "address": "<ADDRESS_IN_LOWER_CASE>", "startBlock": <CONTRACT_CREATION_BLOCK> } } .... }

Paste your subgraph endpoints that you are using to track swaps: