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The Spiritual Awareness Assessment What's Your Spiritual Awareness Score?

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Get an evaluation of your spiritual growth and receive practical guidance on how to awaken your spiritual potential.

Welcome to this self-assessment journey designed to help you gauge your current spiritual growth and uncover areas of potential expansion.
Although spiritual growth can never be truly quantified, this assessment is designed to give you insight into your spiritual development using four essential spiritual virtues as a measure. These qualities are cultivated across every spiritual and religious tradition. Together, they form a foundation for conscious living and spiritual transformation.

The 4 essential spiritual virtues you'll be assessed on are:

🧘‍♂️ Discipline: your commitment to self-control and spiritual practice
🤲 Detachment: your non-attachment to your actions and ego
🔬 Discernment: your clarity of spiritual perception into truth and wisdom
❤️‍🔥 Devotion: your dedication to your higher purpose and the divine
For the most accurate results, it's essential to answer honestly and without judgment. This quiz is a tool for self-reflection, not a measure of your self-worth or a comparison to others' paths.

Are you ready to discover your Spiritual Awareness Score?