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I want to delete my MobiFi Account/data 😞

To protect user data and privacy, we only store and user certain user data for authentication purposes. Users have the right to delete their MobiFi account and data any time they want. Once submitted the request, it will take 7 working days for us to review and delete your account completely from our system. You will receive a confirmation once that's completed.
You know we can help you just delete some of your data if you prefer

Do you want to keep the account but just delete some data?

Do you want to keep the account but just delete some data?

Please describe what data do you want to delete?

If you still decide to delete the account, follow the below steps.
We are sorry to see you leave, but customer data privacy is at our high priorities.🦾 Please provide the accurate information below so we can help you delete your data and account.

What is your user account identifier (the method you used to login to the app, e.g., phone number, email)

What is your crypto wallet address

What is the balance of your mobility wallet (e.g., cash wallet that you use to pay mobility services)

What is the email do you want to receive confirmation of account delete?