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Twitter Friends Group🤗

Hey👋 Welcome
The people who have seen organic growth on Twitter are the ones who have like minded friends supporting them right from the beginning.
Having high quality friends is a Twitter superpower💪
The purpose of this group is for like minded people to come together to help and support each other in their early Twitter journey.
If you join the group, you would be expected to help other members who are part of the group.
Help in the form of:
1. Feedback on Twitter strategy + content.
2. Meaningful engagement with each other.
3. Support during product launches.
Hope you can contribute to the group.
Spam is strictly not welcome. I hope you understand that.
Now, let's get to know you better.
Your name
Your Twitter handle
Your email
What is your goal with Twitter? (Please also try to include a specific topic/niche that you want to create content in)
Are you willing to meaningfully engage with other folks in the group? (you will be politely asked to leave the group after 30 days of inactivity)
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What is your preferred platform for the group?
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Who are your favorite people on Twitter? List a few accounts: