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🤝 Ship Partnership
Ship is an open-source full-stack product boilerplate with guidelines to launch scalable products in days.
Today Ship is supported primarily by Paralect product teams.
Paralect is an early adopter of many technologies that become default: MongoDB, Node.JS, Kafka, Kubernetes; CQRS/Event-Streaming. And we've also built Robomongo — an open-source MongoDB shell, that was acquired.
We partner with early-stage startups and build them from the ground up to $1M+ ARR. Our largest group of projects have been acquired for $1.2B 🦄.
What's the deal with Ship?
We've been building scalable systems for 13 years and want to share the knowledge we've gained to let more founders to launch and scale their businesses.
We've just made our first step towards bringing Ship to the public.
We'll continue improving command-line tools to render boilerplate across full-stack code, improve documentation and tutorials and producing content based on our real-life experience.
Other than that, we're working on the low-code prototype that will allow developers create custom-code scalable backends in hours.
Supporting Ship = Supporting Paralect. We're building a healthy workplace for creative people to launch their ambitions.

Partner with Ship

How would you like to help?

How would you like to help?