Page 1 of 1 is looking for: Founding engineer needed to lead a SaaS (Notion website builder)

About us is a website builder that turns pages into no-code websites, in about ~30 seconds. That's it — nothing more complicated than that.

How we work

All our colleagues read this when they start working with us. This is how we work. But it's a longer read — just skim through the interesting parts (for now). The short version is:
• We give people complete autonomy. No micro-management. You need to manage yourself
• We don't really do audio/video calls, unless needed. It's not uncommon to not see colleagues for months (or even years) on a work-related video call. We mainly text, and we look for blocks of "deep work"
• We don't track hours. All we care about whether the work is delivered on (reasonable) deadlines. What you do outside of work is completely up to you — in fact, you're encouraged to do stuff outside work (art, video games, poetry... just do your thing)
• All you need is a laptop/machine, English skills, and an internal desire to do your best

The job

We're in need of a founding software engineer for, a website builder that turns pages into no-code websites.

We currently have an email list 3,000+, planning to launch soon. We'd need your help to wrap this up and continue the development of the product (got a product backlog, so there's *enough* work to be done).

This is for you/not for you if....

- This isn’t for you if:
- You’re looking to learn from a senior developer.
- You always need step-by-step instructions on what to do
This is for you if:
- you’re looking to learn how to grow as a leader and as a person, as I plan to hire some people you’ll manage (at a later point, and when this grows)
- You’re looking to learn by doing
- You want to get experience of the real-life: learn how to swim by swimming, not by reading about swimming (or somebody else telling you how to swim)
- You want to see products as they are planned and built. Then used by real users
- You want a workplace where you maximise work done 'in the zone', and minimize useless, dead-time (e.g. too many meetings)
- Have beautiful, working products on your CV that are used by actual users.
- Optionally: if you plan to ever start your own business. I have no problem with that — on the contrary, if you’re able to do great work, I will even support you. I’d rather
We need a long-term collaboration. Once you join, you can and should grow into this role (and a bigger role). Please start the application with 'not copy-pasted', so I can know you've read the whole thing.

Skills required

• Back-end (most important): We've used Python, PostgreSQL, FastAPI, SQLAlchemy, Docker

• Front-end - just very basic JQuery, HTML, CSS
• Optionally: we've used Cloudflare and Vercel, so if you worked with them before, that could help. DevOps experience is a bonus.
• Please start the application with 'not copy-pasted', so I know you've read this

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About yourself

How did you hear about this job?

How did you hear about this job?

What could you show, that you built in a proper manner? Could you explain why you consider this properly built?

Have you ever wanted to rewrite (or did rewrite) a project from scratch on a new framework/language?

Anything else we should know?