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Entrepreneur Sailing Retreat 2024

This is an application to join Light Club's Croatia Entrepreneur Sailing Retreat in June 21-28, 2024.
This retreat is for spiritually-minded and impact driven entrepreneurs to come together and find support in their business and connect with a community that is there to help you grow.

What is your name?

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What is your phone number?

Why are you interested in the Entrepreneur Sailing Retreat in Croatia?

What kind of people do you want to surround yourself with?

What would make this experience a "heck yes" for you to join?

Where are you currently in your business? How can our community help you grow?

Thank you for filling out this form! There are a maximum of 14 spots available on this adventure. We will reach out soon to schedule a Zoom call for the interview to join the trip.
This call will take place over Zoom. Be sure to show up for this call in a quiet place. Please do not take this call while driving. If you do not show up for this call, you will not be able to re-schedule. If needed, you may re-schedule the call through the link provided in the email that you receive from the system.