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Discover Your Gift

Instructions: Read the following series of statements. Score each statement to the extent it reflects your life experience according to the following scale:
5 = Almost always true
4 = Often true
3 = Sometimes true
2 = Seldom true
1 = Almost never true
Answer according to who you are, not who you would like to be or think you ought to be.
1. I am able to identify and effectively use resources to accomplish tasks.
2. I would like to be involved in starting a new church from scratch.
3. There are times that I sense a particular teaching is unbiblical.
4. I enjoy strengthening the weak and reassuring the unstable.
5. I enjoy sharing the message of the Gospel.
6. I enjoy persisting in prayer for specific needs.
7. I feel deeply moved when confronted with the urgent financial needs of others.
8. I genuinely enjoy providing a safe environment for people who are in need.
9. I am committed to read, study and learn Biblical truth.
10. I am able to adjust my leadership style so it is appropriate for the maturity of those working with me.
11. I hurt for others who are poverty-stricken, physically sick, a stranger, or imprisoned.
12. I am able to restore persons who have wandered away from Christian community.
13. I feel responsible to confront people with the truth.
14. My difficulty in saying "No" often results in over-involvement.
15. I have a strong conviction that Biblical truths should be understood accurately and applied to current living.
16. I have a reverence for God and His will for my life.
17. I am careful, thorough, and skilled in details.
18. I would be willing to move elsewhere to start a new ministry for God.
19. I tend to look beneath the surface and perceive people's motives.
20. I am able to counsel effectively the perplexed, guilty or addicted.
21. I strongly desire to share my faith with unbelievers.
22. I have known God's will with certainty in a specific situation even when concrete evidence was missing.
23. I am willing to maintain a lower standard of living to give to God's work.
24. I am comfortable with all kinds of people and feel at ease with them.
25. Paul's concern (Col. 1:10) that I be "increasing in the knowledge of God" is something I take seriously.
26. I am consulted by friends for advice.
27. I am sensitive and sympathetic to persons who seem to be suffering.
28. I am able to feed followers in Christ by guiding them through selected Bible passages.
29. I enjoy sharing a hymn, lesson, or Bible interpretation so that all believers present may learn.
30. I am more comfortable being a teacher's aide in a class, or doing a similar helping task than being the teacher.
31. I enjoy researching truth and effectively communicating it to others at their level.
32. I effectively solve problems using Biblical principles.
33. I can look at the overall picture and anticipate possible implications.
34. I adapt well to other cultures and groups.
35. I am usually aware of people who pretend to be what they are not.
36. I would feel comfortable challenging others in order to encourage growth in them.
37. I am at ease in sharing how Christ is my Savior and Lord.
38. I accept God's promises at face value and apply them to given situations without doubt.
39. I consider all that I own or am as resources for stewardship to God.
40. I am comfortable with graciously providing food and lodging to those in need.
41. I am moved to study Scriptures so as to be unashamed in accurately handling it.
42. Normally my Christian character, lifestyle, and behavior seem to motivate others to follow me.
43. I desire to do acts of love and kindness for those who cannot or will not return them.
44. I am willing to renounce personal interests for the sake of others.
45. I prefer congregational preaching which explains and applies Biblical truths.
46. Ushering, cleaning, or a helping task in the church suits me well.
47. I believe that the teaching-learning process is vital to local church growth.
48. Others often ask me for workable ideas or alternatives.
49. I feel frustrated and impatient when I see disorganization.
50. I would rather start a new church, than anything else.
51. I judge well between the inadequate and the acceptable, or between evil and good.
52. I verbally challenge the spiritually apathetic.
53. I look for and get excited about new ways to share the gospel with others.
54. I have a conviction that God is active in my daily affairs.
55. I am concerned that the money I give be used as efficiently as possible for God.
56. I am attracted to new people in the church and enjoy making them feel at home.
57. I long to share with others the Biblical insights I discover.
58. I usually know where I am going and can influence other Christians in that direction.
59. I am content to serve the suffering or undeserving.
60. I desire and need long-term, intimate spiritual relationships.
61. I boldly expose cultural trends that contradict biblical truth.
62. I enjoy serving when it frees others to better accomplish their ministries.
63. I am able to study, understand, and share truth from God's Word.
64. I am concerned that interpersonal relationships be peaceable, reasonable, and without partiality or hypocrisy.
65. I am able to recruit others to work as a team using their strengths or abilities.
66. I get real excited about new mission works worldwide.
67. I have insights that help me discern any errors in a Biblical interpretation given by another.
68. I verbally encourage the weak, wavering or troubled.
69. I look for opportunities to build relationships with non-churched people.
70. I trust in the power of God for the apparently impossible.
71. I give cheerfully that God's work be extended and helped.
72. I am happy to add someone to our family temporarily in order to provide a helping or healing ministry.
73. I learn Biblical truths easily.
74. I am able to influence others to be all God wants them to be.
75. I work joyfully with persons ignored by the majority.
76. I am compelled to lead by example and let my life serve as a model.
77. I usually view moral issues as "black and white," with no room for "gray."
78. I am content to perform menial jobs or jobs considered unimportant by other people.
79. I have the ability to concisely instruct listeners in the precise meaning of words and passages in Scripture.
80. I apply Biblical truth effectively in my life.
81. I am effective in delegating responsibility to others.
82. I prefer serving in a cross-cultural ministry.
83. I am able to identify that which is false to Christ's teachings.
84. I am willing to be called alongside another person seeking my encouragement, challenge, or advice.
85. I communicate the gospel with clarity, poise, and effectiveness.
86. I have a sense for moments when prayers of faith are needed.
87. I give things freely and with delight because I love God.
88. I feel fulfilled when entertaining people, and have no thought of being repaid.
89. I readily acquire and master facts and principles of Biblical truth.
90. I have the vision and confidence needed to provide practical direction for groups within the church.
91. I would enjoy visiting hospitals or elderly homes and being an agent of blessing to them.
92. I am willing to spend much time caring for and nurturing a group of people.
93. I proclaim God's truth in an inspiring and enthusiastic way.
94. I am satisfied to express my skills by helping those who are in charge.
95. I enjoy studying in order to present truth in an organized manner.
96. The choices I make for activities in Christian service usually work well.
97. I like to clarify goals and develop strategies to accomplish them.
98. I am attracted to projects that start new churches.
99. I have detected phony or manipulative persons when others have not.
100. I can spontaneously discern needs and encourage individuals.
101. I share joyfully what Christ has done for me.
102. I depend upon God's resources and guidance to an unusual degree.
103. I am able to earn much money for giving to the Lord's work.
104. I am more concerned with making a person feel comfortable than I am with making an impression.
105. I have the ability to discover Biblical principles for myself.
106. I often assume responsibility when no official leaders are designated.
107. I have compassion for and am eager to help those who are broken-hearted, addicted, or oppressed.
108. I enjoy having responsibility for the growth of a group of Christians.
109. I can speak so as to bring conviction and change in the lives of others.
110. I would rather be a supportive background person than a "performer."
111. When I present Biblical truths to others, I want them to effect changes in their knowledge, attitudes, values, or conduct.
112. My Christian friends often approach me for advice on decisions they need to make that will affect their spiritual growth.
113. I like to make decisions based on facts and proven data.
114. I am able to orchestrate and develop several church ministries.
115. I am able to differentiate between spiritual truth and error.
116. I want persons deeply troubled or in crisis to see God's answers to their problems.
117. I would remain spiritually strong in the company of unbelievers and would use every opportunity to win some to Christ.
118. I have unquestionable certainty that God answers prayer.
119. I manage money well in order to give generously to God's work.
120. I am comfortable with opening my home to others regardless of how neat or clean it is.
121. I have insights into Biblical truth that bring conviction to my mind and heart.
122. I find it easy to motivate others to follow through on a ministry project.
123. I am more moved to alleviate the causes of people's hurts than to look for the potential benefits of their pain.
124. I am ready to commit myself to care for the spiritual welfare of young Christians.
125. I tend to be very opinionated and individualistic.
126. I am drawn to visible, tangible projects which require someone's assistance.
127. I can make difficult Biblical truths understandable to others.
128. I make what appear to be correct decisions for my life.