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SEO Celebration Spotlight - Submissions!

ℹ About This Form

🎉 Goal

Use this form to nominate SEOs and search marketing professionals who you think do great work and should be celebrated for it. Let's spread some positivity and commemorate the great work done by real SEOs in shaping the internet :)
This form and the gallery serve as companion pages to this Search Engine Land piece.

👩‍💻 Process

Submit a nomination for an SEO professional who you think is awesome - and tell us why! Once your submission is reviewed, it will be showcased in this public gallery.
In the spirit of celebrating others, DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR OWN INFORMATION!
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Give us the full name of the SEO who you'd like us to feature!

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Please share a link to any of this person's social profiles, website, or another place where we can find out about them.

Why are they awesome?

Don't be shy - tell us why this person is great and should be celebrated! What kind of work do they do? What values do they live by? How have they made a difference?

Do you have a picture of them that you can share?

This can be their display picture, your favorite photo of them, or a photo you might have taken together :) You can upload a URL or a file.
Do you have a picture of them that you can share?

Can you tell us their title?

Tell us their role and the type of work that they do.

Can you tell us where they work?

Share the name or names of companies they're affiliated with.