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Your Submission to Future Resources: People

Future Resources is a collaborative platform that relies on you to make it more inclusive. Share your work experience and become part of our global database of futures / strategy / research professionals. Who knows - a cool job might come out of this! People from all countries are welcome - and encouraged to share!
Your submission will be publicly available in the Future Resources database.

What is your name (and surname)?

Which pronouns do you use?

Which pronouns do you use?

Where are you based? (City/ies and country/ies)

In which year did you start working in strategy / research / foresight?

Which methodologies do you conduct?

Which methodologies do you conduct?

Which forecasting companies have you worked with? (full-time or freelance)

What is your LinkedIn address?

Insert your website / portfolio.

What is your email address?

Anything else you'd like to say?