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Welcome to join LXDAO

LXDAO is a research and development-focused DAO in Web3. We accompany Web3 buidlers who believe in the technologies, concepts, and ideas that billions of people will use within ten years. Thus, we work together to buidl and maintain valuable Web3 projects and move Web3 forward.

LX = 良心 = Conscience. Which represents our core value: Buidl valuable things.

Our mission: Bringing together buidlers to buidl and maintain "LX" projects for Web3 in a sustainable manner.

Why join us?

- Buidl valuable Web3 projects together. And get practical Web3 R&D-related experience. - Get your idea grounded. You can leverage the whole DAO's resources to make your idea come true. - Early access and VIP access to all LXDAO products. - Find friends with the same consensus. - Get rewards, including airdrops, points, tokens, fiat, etc. Sustainability is part of our mission.

Who does LXDAO need?

Web3 buidler with the same consensus would like to work with others to buidl some valuable Web3 projects.

As a DAO, we believe everyone has unique skills. We welcome everyone to join. The most important are two things: - Strong interests in Web3, especially for Web3 PLG products. - Enough time to live in LXDAO. At least 5 hours per week. Because we are an R&D-focused DAO, working with each other in depth is very important and beneficial for both.

What do you need do?

❤️ This application will take about 10-20 minutes to complete ❤️ We make the decision based on your application. It will not be 100% pass. Please try to show your skills and passionate ❤️ Applications will be reviewed and voted by the Onboarding Committee in a week ❤️ After your application gets approved, we will have a remote Onboarding session (around 30mins) Join the community (you can find them from ) to follow up. You can also email to check. Let's buidl a better Web3 together!

Your Name

Email Address

ETH Address

Discord Name (eg:username#1234) (Optional)

Telegram ID (Optional)

Wechat ID (Optional)

Self-introduction and your Profession

Could you let us know who are you? What is your day job? Tell us more about your professional life.

Your Web3 Experience

What is your area of interest?NFTs, DeFi, Crypto, Solidity, and etc. Also, what was your biggest good contribution to Web3 in the past? It can be an article, project, art, activity, etc. Please give us one or two cases.

What would you like to gain from the LXDAO community?

What would you like to bring to the LXDAO community?

In another word, what do you want or are good to do in LXDAO?

What we can find on your Web? (Optional)

For a better understanding of who you are, please leave more details about yourself if you could.
For example, your Twitter, Personal Website, Social Media, LinkedIn, GitHub, community profile, etc.

What role would you like to play in building? (Multiple choice)

What role would you like to play in building? (Multiple choice)

How much time can you spend building LXDAO in a week?

To ensure efficient communication and the ability to do valuable things together, we ask that members who join us work at least five hours a week to participate with us in build web3.