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Let us HELP process Google Adsense Approval for you

Before filling this form to seek our help on Adsense approval procedures, please take note of the following:
1. We do not work for Adsense, but we help curate unique content following all required Adsense approval guidelines to help get your blog monetized.
2. We would try all our available solutions to help get your blog monetized, but it's only Google Adsense that has the final say for qualifying blogs. We won't be held liable to whatever decisions made by Google on your Adsense application or after Approval.
3. We shall only follow our setout procedures on the "type of contents" we use for the Adsense application. After approval, we take down all contents from your blog and then rebuild your blog to suit your choice.
4. You will Obey all instructions given by our teams during this period till your Adsense application is approved. Otherwise, we may terminate the service and issue you back 50% of the money you paid.
5. This service will cost you $100 for members outside Nigeria, and #20,000 naira for members within Nigeria.
6. The payment above is different from the cost of developing your blog. If you did not pay us to help develop your blog, then we won't take responsibility for redesigning your blog after Adsense approval.
7. Please let it be known to you that this service only offers a 50% guarantee. So if for any reason we couldn't get your Adsense account approved after several efforts, we shall refund 50% of the money you paid for the service while 50% covers the cost spent on the procedures we observed trying to get contents and others.
P.S: You solely agree and grant us express permission to work on your blog on your behalf and accept to take all legal responsibilities that may result during this process.
P.SS: If you do not agree to all these terms of service above, please EXIT the page now, do NOT PAY for it, and NEVER submit your information requesting our help on Adsense approval.
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