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ETHBratislava 2024 Open Call For Artists

Welcome to our open call form for artists for ETHBratislava.

We are here for the long term and therefore you will get on-chain tickets. These NFTs will reward our attendees, speakers, and all members of the community for their support. NFT drops that will showcase the up and coming NFT icons, grow ETHBratislava audience and bless us with digital artistic beauty
ETHBratislava 2024 is excited to announce an open call for artists to showcase their digital artwork at our NFT Gallery. This year, we are introducing a curated gallery by a well-known NFT collector and curator hukus.eth
By this initiative we want to showcase the most exciting artists in the space, promote their works and introduce them to the community at ETHBratislava NFT Gallery. By participating in this open call, you as an artist have the unique opportunity to contribute to the community by airdropping your artwork to event attendees. This gesture not only supports the vibrant ecosystem of ETHBratislava but could enhance your visibility among a dedicated audience of web3 enthusiasts, developers, and fellow artists.

Let's start with your personal details


Artist Specifications:

Submission Deadline:
All submissions must be made by May 8th, 18:00 CET.
Theme & Style:
Open Call. Theme, style and setting are left fully to your creativity. If you want create something inspired by ETHBratislava, you can find our Press Kit below:
Open to all artists, celebrating a diversity of artistic expressions and perspectives. We accept only new, unminted and previously undisclosed art pieces.
Edition Size:
Up to you. Please do let us know if you wish to also participate in airdrop of your artwork for the ETHBratislava attendees and hackers (approximately 350)
Digital Formats Accepted:
Accepting submissions in all formats (JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, MP4, and all standard digital formats…)
Blockchain & Standard:
Airdrops for the attendees will be processed as on Arbitrum One and distributed utilising ETHBratislava infrastructure.

T-Shirt Size?

(we plan to launch cool AR merch)
T-Shirt Size?

Do you have any special dietary requirements?