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It's been said that a person only needs about 1,000 true fans to accomplish a successful career by doing what they love. If you're here, you already know my primary passion is music. Outside of music, I'm also an author, athlete, and entrepreneur. Some people find me through my music, and others might know me through my work in the preparedness/survival industry. Whichever way you got here, I'm happy you found me.

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It's pretty simple... Are you truly a fan of my music & creations?
Anyone who joins this list will be directly placed into my true fan database. Your support genuinely means the world to me and I want a chance to let you know that by giving you some exclusive perks that those not on this list won't be able to get.
It might be free swag and giveaways, early listening access to some of my song demos, a phone call/text, special discounts to any potential future shows or products I make, I honestly don't know... What I do know, is that I want to take good care of those who support me. So, if you're cool with that, drop me your info below and I will officially declare you a valued member of my Wolfgang!




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Do You Consider Yourself A True Fan?