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Application for free Upgrade to Professional Edition

You might be eligible for a free Upgrade to the Professional Edition of Envision Glasses, if you meet the following conditions:
1. You purchased your Envision Glasses before June 30th, 2022.
2. You paid the full price of US $3499 or higher (not part of any discount campaign).
3. You are able to provide valid proof of your purchase.
If you think this applies to you, please enter your information below. Our team will review your application and get back to you with a response within 7 business days.

Full Name

Registered Email Address

The email address that you use with the Envision AI app. This can be found in the Envision App, when you go to 'Setting' and then 'Account Details'

Envision Glasses Serial Number

This can be found in the Help Menu of your Envision Glasses or within the Glasses Tab in the Envision App. If you can't find it, please refer to this page for more detailed instructions:

How did you purchase your Envision Glasses?

Please specify which Authorised Distributor you made the purchase from:

Kindly submit proof of your purchase. This could be a valid receipt, invoice, or email qualifying your purchase. Please feel free to attach multiple documents to support your case.