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Oasis Builders Submissions

Howdy friend, welcome to version one of the Oasis Builders submission process!
This form is for sharing your absolute favorite thinkers, creatives, small businesses, weirdos, and anyone else making the internet more delightful and nurturing.
In order for Oasis Builders to be an oasis itself, this submission process comes with two guidelines.
1. You cannot add yourself. To end up on Oasis Builders, you must be recommended by someone else who adores your work, and wants to tell the world why.
2. Submissions should be thoughtful, and come from the heart. Oasis Builders is a place to show genuine gratitude to the people making the internet better. Submissions that are personal, sincere, and thorough will always be accepted and prioritized, while anything quick and impersonal will probably not make it onto the site.
So yeah, I'd recommend setting aside 20+ minutes to go through this. Take your time with it. Have fun. And assume the person you're recommending will read what you write here. This is your chance to thank them for their work, and help other people discover something new.
Let's get started.