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The following requests will help us to help support you, and determine if you are likely ready to begin the church-planter training program. There will be subsequent assessment resources that will help ensure that you are equipped with a robust understanding of theology, philosophy of ministry, Bible teaching, practical pastoral ministry training, and your gifts.

Let's start with your personal details

1. Describe your ministry experience:

2. Describe your education experience:

3. Describe why you want to participate in a church planter program:

4. Is there an existing geographic location where you are hoping to plant a church?

5. Describe your experience with CGN/Calvary Chapel (for example, how long you have regularly attended, your ministry and training experiences, pastors who influenced you):

6. Describe why you want to plant with CGN/Calvary Chapel:

7. Describe the evidence that you are a capable spiritual leader:

8. Describe the evidence that you are a capable Bible teacher:

9. Describe your (personal) evangelism experience and your ability to develop relationships with unbelievers and the “unchurched” and encourage them to examine and commit to a personal relationship with Christ:

10. Describe your spouse’s (and family’s) response to the vision of church planting and any concerns about the balance of marriage/family life and ministry:

11. Describe what geographic areas, people groups, or needs you feel strongly/care about:

12. Describe what you want to do for God with your life and why:

13. Please include, if possible, a pastoral reference from your current lead/senior pastor, a reference from your spouse if applicable, a personal reference from a non-relative, and a professional reference from someone you have worked with in a ministry or marketplace setting.