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Looking to hire me?

Before you do, please understand I try my best to serve each client as a partner. I have a limited capacity by design. You hire me, you get me (unless the plan requires me to hire and manage writers for you).
My content marketing packages start at $3500 USD, and I prioritize long-term partnerships where I can learn all about your context.
If I'm at capacity, you can opt into my waiting list, and I'll let you know when I'll have availability—you'll also get an email with some freelance content marketers I highly recommend :)

Help me help you better by answering 5 questions about your needs.

1. Your full name is a good place to start.

2. The best email for contacting you.

3. Your company's website.

4. Tell me about your biggest challenge and how you think I can help.

Do you want help developing a product-led content strategy? Creating challenger content for demand gen? Growing your Twitter audience? Running your newsletter? Planning a lead magnet that isn't an "Ultimate Guide"?
I'm a "jack of many trades" content marketer—just tell me the one.

5. What resources and budget will we have to work with?

Most clients don't have a specific budget in mind and that's okay. We can figure it out together. But it's helpful to know if you have any in-house or freelance writers on deck, as well as any other design or creative resources.