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Your Details

What's your name?

If you publish your designs under a different brand / name, please also include that.

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Please upload your signed designer contract here.

Your Patterns

Which pattern(s) would you like to list on the Making Stories pattern marketplace?

Please note that for the time being, we're starting with patterns that have been published in one of our publications. We'll be in touch once we have the capacity to accommodate more patterns!

Please upload your pattern file(s) (PDF) here.

If your file is bigger than the 10MB file limit, you can send it to us via WeTransfer / Google Drive in the next question.

If your file exceeds the 10MB file limit and you weren't able to upload it, please include a WeTransfer / Google Drive link to your file here.

If you'd like us to use any other photos than the Making Stories photos, please include a WeTransfer / Google Drive link to the respective photos here.

We're going to put together your pattern page based on the information in your pattern PDF. Is there anything else that's not in the PDF that you'd like us to include on the pattern page?

We'll have a separate section on the designer bio a little later in the survey - this here would be an excellent space to include a few links to tester projects that you love, for example!

Which price(s) would you like us to set for your pattern(s)?

Your Designer Bio

Please share a little bit about yourself for your designer bio on the pattern page here - 2 - 5 sentences!

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