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WeDoGood is a non-profit organization that is trying to help other non-profits in amplifying their impact. We help these NGOs find the right pro-bono consultants who provide strategic support and help the organization reach faster and better outcomes. If you would like to help our mission to create better impact, do join us by filling the form below.
We are currently recruiting for 2 types of roles. Internship positions are generally for students looking to get exposure in a particular field. Part-time volunteers are generally skilled individuals who have some experience in managing / running various tasks at corporates/different organizations.
Unfortunately, we don't pay to any intern or volunteer right now. Though we try our best to provide the right learning opportunity so that you can benefit from it in your career. Minimum Time Commitment : Internship: 2-4 months Part-time Volunteers: 6 months
Internships have a
Types of Opportunities