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Hi and welcome to our feedback survey!
This is a quick way to tell us your story, Share with us those winding roads of experiences – the bumpy rides and the smooth cruises. Your stories empower us to better serve the broad car community out there.
Our vision? A vibrant automotive realm where every corner is illuminated, where every individual is recognized, and where every car – in its history and form – is showcased with pure transparency and authenticity. With over 40 years under our belt, we're on a mission to provide profound technical insights. We're constantly on the prowl for novel scientific techniques, innovative tools, and diverse methods to give a comprehensive and unbiased perspective on any vehicle in question.

Our forte? Inspecting cars from A to Z! From guiding your purchase decisions, appraising value, sketching out restoration plans, to confirming authenticity, we've got you covered.

Now, here's where YOU come into play. Your experiences and feedback are invaluable. I, Laura Kukuk, am on a mission to broaden our horizons, to disseminate our insights via case studies, and to refine our inspection methodologies.

Why? To realize MY MISSION vision: a car market that's more TRANSPARENT + AUTHENTIC. A space where every one of us feels a proud sense of belonging.

How can we reach you ?

This site is a quick way for me to get back to you individually :)
I really appreciate your help!
Got a few moments? Dive into this brief SURVEY. It’s a swift 3-5 minute ride to share your thoughts. I'm on the edge of my seat, waiting to delve into your opinions and to journey through your tales! 🛠🔍🚘