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Podcast Sponsorship Interest Form

Hi there! Thank you so much for your interest in supporting the Let's Talk Parks podcast. We are excited to offer podcast sponsorships for the first time since the show started in 2018. This is a limited opportunity and only available for organizations that are a good fit for the show.
Why Sponsor The Let's Talk Parks Podcast?
Your Brand In Front of a Passionate Audience. Let’s Talk Parks is a podcast that allows you to connect directly with an innovative group of leaders in Parks & Recreation. With 70 episodes and over 20k downloads, we have an engaged audience of professionals who are eager to find solutions to improve their work.
An Innovative Way to Reach Parks & Recreation Professionals. Sponsor the podcast to provide immediate access to an audience of interested in community building, recreation services, and municipal operations. Sponsor a Show and Reach Professionals Who Are Driving the Industry Forward.The podcast is an ideal way to increase your exposure to leaders in the field.
The Details→ A 30-second spot in the beginning and end of an episode. Typically each episode receives between 300 and 500 downloads →Your link, company name, and description in the show notes of the podcast.→A highlighted section in our Community Newsletter – a specially curated resource for professionals in the field.
→Package details available on the following pages.
Are you a good fit?→ You specifically provide services or products to recreation, park, open space, or related professionals→ You have a passion for helping professionals in the field better serve their communities→ You align yourself with the mission of the Let’s Talk Parks podcast – to help raise the bar in the field. Questions? Please email or schedule a call using the form below.

Tell us more about you

Please tell us more about your product/service and how you help Parks and Recreation professionals.

We primarily focus on three main areas: Career Development, Marketing and Storytelling, and Digital Transformation. Which of these does your product/service best fall into? This will help us when planning episodes.